Dåpen med ild.



I smile, and I smile, and I smile”

Melancholia (2011)
Lars von Trier

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Galen of Pergamon.  De sanitate tuenda libri sex.  Coloniae: In aedib. Eucharij Colon., 1526.

Thomas Linacre was a 16th century English scholar and physician who translated several of Galen’s works into Latin, and also served as physician to King Henry VIII.  He dedicated this book to Henry.

The Becker Library’s copy features a heraldic binding.  While we haven’t identified the coat of arms on the front cover (anyone care to take a stab at it?), the back cover features Henry’s coat of arms (top) and Katharine of Aragon’s pomegranate badge (bottom).

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An amazing set of photos of Finland in World War II.

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